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Bus rearview system

  • Bus truck van parking sensor 3MXY-5801
  • Bus truck van parking sensor 3MXY-5801
Bus truck van parking sensor 3MXY-5801Bus truck van parking sensor 3MXY-5801

Bus truck van parking sensor 3MXY-5801

  • Product description: Bus truck van parking sensor 3MXY-5801
Car reversing radar, 24V dedicated crescent buzzer reversing radar
This product is suitable for all large and small commercial vehicles, special vehicles for safety anti-collision detection range reversing radar.
The reversing radar is an auxiliary device for driving and parking safety of automobiles, which belongs to an electronic warning device for preventing accidental collision of automobiles.
working principle
The system mainly includes the host unit, the ultrasonic sensor part, the display part and the sound alarm part. When working, the ultrasonic sensor sends the detected signal to the host for processing, and then displays the distance and orientation between the obstacle and the vehicle body through the display.
Small crescent truck reversing sensor system
1、work automally when reversing
2、Digital LED display (cycle display line length 10 meters 4 pin interface)
3、Alarm by Four-step bibi sound
4、Detection distance:5m,Volume:65DB
5、4 sensors (the cable of the sensor is 2.5m added waterproof interface)
6、Voltage:12V--24V universal

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